Wahl Senior Trimmer

  • Rs. 13200
  • Rs. 16500
  • The WAHL Cordless Senior Hair Clipper, the 'beast' among the wireless hair clippers.
  • The Wahl Cordless Senior Clipper is equipped with the most powerful engine of all wireless hair clippers and generates a higher cutting speed and cutting capacity of 6,500rpm. 
  • The adjustable chrome cutting blade is ideal for creating a fade. Due to the flat bottom on the cutting blade, a shorter cutting length is achieved.
  • The Lithium-ion battery provides more power and a longer durability

Product Description

Wahl clippers have been a staple in the barber industry for a long time and are now one of the most popular products on the market. The WAHL SENIOR TRIMMER is a lightweight, durable trimmer that is known for its precision fading and is excellent for clipper over comb work. The WAHL SENIOR TRIMMER comes in both a corded and cordless version, making it even more versatile. The WAHL PROFESSIONAL TRIMMER is another excellent trimmer that provides traditional on-scalp tapering and fading. Equipped with 4 types of blades, this beard trimmer is also excellent for precision trimming around the face, ears, and neckline. This CORDLESS WAHL SENIOR TRIMMER is one of the best trimmers in the market and will take your barber game (barbering skills ) to the next level.

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Product name

Wahl cordless senior trimmer



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Grey and black